I was inspired by the quote Werner Erhard wrote when contemplating a career move that would separate me from a company where I spent more than 13 years of my life building a highly successful career trading wholesale commodity lumber products and had concurrently been growing Websitement Communications Corporation since 1993.

A career move is not to be taken lightly. Perhaps the following unique letter of resignation will give you the inspiration to make that bold move we all dream of making at some point in our lives.

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Empire Wholesale Lumber Company
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Dear Sir,

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote, "nothing is permanent except change itself."

In this spirit I write my letter of resignation from Empire Wholesale Lumber Company this 3rd day of January, 1997. I am about to embark upon a journey into the business world that will introduce a truly phenomenal amount of change into my life.

Few are aware that Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft Corporation, left Harvard University midway through his freshman year. He never earned a college degree. His partner, Paul Allen left a high-paying position at Honeywell. They recognized and capitalized upon the powerful changes that rapid advancements in the microchip industry would sweep into our everyday lives, even before the largest computer giants in the industry.

Had Bill Gates remained at Harvard, he might have returned to his home state of Washington a college graduate, accepted a position with Weyerhaeuser, and watched from the sidelines as the personal computer revolution swept past him. Instead, he made a bold move. He wagered his college degree and became the single most dominant force in the computer world.

In this sense I can't allow the current Internet revolution to pass me by. Millions of businesses throughout the country are devoting sizeable portions of their yearly operating budgets to Internet advertising and marketing. My research and experience indicates the opportunity to assist these companies establish an Internet presence will produce a generous return on investment. My wager is a 12 year career in the lumber industry.

For years I have believed that I possess the skills to manage my own corporation. With the unswerving support of my family, I am now in a position to test this belief. Long ago I defined self-employment as a goal to be attained by the time I had reached the "milestone" age of 40.

I will not miss that targeted goal by much as that most significant birthday will occur Thursday, January 9th. My separation date will be no later than two weeks from today on Friday January 17, 1997.

Disciplined saving, prudent investing and the world's most supportive spouse (preparing to return, if necessary to the grueling elementary school teaching arena) will provide a suitable safety net as my business encounters the exhilarating successes and punishing setbacks every entrepreneur experiences with growth. Personal pride, the challenge of supporting my wife and four small children, and the opportunity to work in a truly fascinating new industry will provide me ample motivation to excel when measured on both personal and financial levels.

While I will miss the opportunity for interaction on a daily basis, I look forward to a continued relationship with those I have worked so closely with over the last 12 years. To those who contemplate why I choose the intense challenges of change, I offer a quote I find poignantly inspirational; "Insanity is doing exactly the same thing over and over, while hoping for a different result"-Werner Erhard. I leave with many fond memories of this office and will often keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



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